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2024 Palo Alto Earth Day Fair

How to Make the Earth a Better Place?


On April 21st, in BEE’s latest event on Earth Day, we spoke with many people to get their viewpoints and ideas on how to make the earth a better place. 

The first person we interviewed, Zara, expressed her concerns on climate change. Zara also volunteers in a local garden, playing her role in making the earth a bit greener. 

The second person we interviewed, Ralph, mentioned an article that he had recently read about another pressing concern, recycling. He discussed with us about how not a lot of the trash that goes into the recycling bins actually gets recycled, and believes that the world would be much better if we strengthen the integrity of the recycling systems.

The last person we interviewed was Aaron, a younger kid, who still gave great insight into the topic nonetheless. He talked about how planting trees can help get rid of the carbon dioxide in the air and that it helps balance the oxygen cycle.

Overall, the events here at BEE are always fun to host and fun to attend, and we are looking forward to next year!

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